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Patrice began channeling over 25 years ago, though she was aware even as a child of her destiny to be of service in the world. As a young child, she questioned religious ideologies contrary to unconditional love and compassion. It’s no wonder Kuthumi called her to be his ‘voice’ in the world.

Patrice had no idea who ‘Kuthumi’ was when she began hearing the word in her head years ago. To try and solve the mystery, she sought the advice of a gifted psychic (Sally Seibert) who told her that Kuthumi was one of a group of highly evolved beings (sometimes referred to as ‘Masters’) who work to promote the spiritual advancement of mankind through love and wisdom.

The archangels, Kuthumi, and other Masters are dedicated to working with the Earth at this time of great turmoil and change to assist in our awakening to the soul, the Divine Essence. This awareness requires the personality to release its illusion of sovereignty and align itself to the will of the Divine; then unconditional love, compassion, and joy will reign – the ‘kingdom of heaven’ shall be on Earth.

Under Sally’s tutelage, Patrice learned how to access the state of neutral receptivity that enables her to act as a reliable conduit for messages from these nonphysical teachers without employing the technique of ‘trance channeling,’ which many believe to have inherent risks. Patrice’s impeccable integrity and commitment to bring forth only truth make her a trusted adviser to those who seek her guidance.

Because Patrice’s method of channeling does not allow spirit guides to speak directly through her, the voice you hear will be hers, though clients often recognize the channeled being’s language patterns and phrasing as distinct from those of Patrice. Patrice cautions clients against blindly accepting what they are told simply because the information is channeled. In most cases, what clients hear resonates deeply with them, and they recognize that the information they receive not only sounds logical, but is also logically sound. In a few cases when the insights seem counter-intuitive  Patrice encourages a balance of curiosity with a dash of healthy skepticism while you see how events unfold. Invariably, clients return with stories of unexpected insights that stream from information they initially questioned.

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