Channeling refers to the intuitive ability of an individual to receive information from a being or beings not present in physical form. Some individuals who channel go into a trance to receive messages and may even speak in different voices. Patrice usually channels the Master Kuthumi. She has mastered the ability to ’hear’ Kuthumi’s words and to repeat them in her own voice.

Kuthumi’s messages reveal insights about clients that Patrice would have no way of knowing. He is never judgmental, always compassionate, and his messages are both relevant and enlightened. Kuthumi’s advice to those who seek outside advice (whether from a ‘physical’ teacher or a message channeled from a higher being) is to “follow the teachings, not the teacher.”

Test what you hear against your own common sense. Does the information ring true to you? Is it useful? How does it make you feel? And remember, your own free will is, and must always be, the deciding factor when it comes to whether or not to follow the advice you hear.

Intuitive Readings

As a trusted adviser  Patrice offers helpful information and a peek into the hidden aspects of life events (relationships, health, finance, and work) to help you avoid upset, make better decisions and create the best possible outcomes for your future. She recognizes that inherent in every life drama is an invitation to greater spiritual growth and that we are never given more than we can handle (though it’s nice to have a little help over the rough spots!).

In many cases, Patrice is able to recommend specific and practical solutions to problems. In others, she provides guidance that can help you more clearly assess situations and make important decisions with confidence. Those faced with situations beyond their control find comfort as Patrice’s insights help them achieve greater understanding and acceptance.

How Do I Decide Whether to Request a Channeled Session or an Intuitive Reading?

Channeled sessions with Kuthumi are opportunities for personalized and specific guidance on immediate issues in your life as well as suggestions for your continued spiritual development. He helps individuals gain deeper personal wisdom through guided discussion. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Those who become students of Kuthumi often find that issues that once troubled them lose their potency, and they are energized by a new appreciation of themselves, of others, and a growing sense of purpose. Many consider receiving Kuthumi’s guidance a life changing experience!

During an intuitive reading, which is often more informal than a channeling session, clients ask Patrice to ’check into’ specific questions regarding a wide range of topics on which they want intuitive advice. Here are some of the areas Patrice has investigated for others:

  • Interpersonal relationships 
  • Opportunities (career, life decisions, etc.) 
  • Challenges and possible courses of action 
  • Health issues 
  • Personal strengths 
  • Blocks to success

At a deeper level, Patrice can help you identify possible spiritual or karmic implications in your most intractable problems. She only receives information that is supportive of the highest good of all concerned, and her advice is grounded in promoting peace and harmony.

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