• Thank you for a wonderful session. I’m still working on it. I prayed for a transformational experience and it was just that. I’m particularly thankful for your willingness to listen …  Many thanks for your kindness, your honesty and your compassion.
  • I have been blessed, honored and grateful to work with Patrice and Kuthumi for 9 years.  I have gained insights and wisdom.  I have been healed and am being healed. I have been changed and in the process become more who I really am. Fear kept me stuck; when I let go everything changed. All experiences offer me a lesson on my journey; if I learn, I move on. My heart’s desire has been to know my path in this life and through Patrice, this is becoming a reality.  I know I am a child of a loving creator and we are all connected through love which is the one thing we take with us.
  • I left my session with Kuthumi feeling uplifted, deeply understood, nurtured and supported. This isn’t about making predictions but about giving us the tools to access higher wisdom within.
  • My overall experience was very positive. The information given was clear and insightful. Kuthumi revealed information for reflection as well as ideas for me to put into action ways of bettering my life experience. I am so grateful that Kuthumi also bestowed this info to me energetically as well….encoded within my being. I have been able to tap into the insights and feel I am making progress on my journey. After the session…I had a wonderful sense of lightness, physically, mentally and emotionally. My shoulders actually felt lighter…less burdened! My body felt lighter and there was more ease in my movement. Definitely a general sense of well-being. I was smiling and breathing easier. I loved that!
  • I found the information to be not only accurate but inspirational. It had a profound effect on me and was uplifting and created an energetic shift.
  • The information from Kuthumi was exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my life. The path that I am on was validated so I no longer feel misunderstood. The choice I was given is something that I was feeling before the channeling, and now I have a clarity unlike anything I have ever experienced.
  • Patrice’s channeled message from Kuthumi was timely and insightful. I would highly recommend this experience to others.
  • The recorded message is a great benefit. I can listen to the message, hear my response/interactions, and feel the loving vibrations of the initial call. Each time I replay the message, I glean more insights.

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