Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kuthumi?

Kuthumi is a member of a group of advanced beings sometimes referred to as the ‘Masters’ or ‘Ascended Masters’ who have volunteered to help promote the spiritual advancement of mankind through love and wisdom. They come to us as Elder Brothers to help guide those who are willing to open their heart to the Truth of their own divine nature and to be of service to humanity. Kuthumi provides extraordinary insights and compassionate support to those who seek him out and communicates his messages telepathically through Patrice and other ‘channels’.

What is channeling?

Channeling refers to the intuitive ability of an individual to receive information from a being or beings not present in physical form. Some individuals who channel go into a trance to receive messages and may even speak in different voices. Patrice has mastered the ability to ’hear’ Kuthumi’s words and to repeat them in her own voice.

Kuthumi’s messages reveal insights about clients that Patrice would have no way of knowing. He is never judgmental, always compassionate, and his messages are both relevant and enlightened. Kuthumi’s advice to those who seek outside advice (whether from a ‘physical’ teacher or a message channeled from a higher being) is to “follow the teachings, not the teacher.”

Test what you hear against your own common sense. Does the information ring true to you? Is it useful? How does it make you feel? And remember, your own free will is, and must always be, the deciding factor when it comes to whether or not to follow the advice you hear.

Can You Give Me Information about Other People?

Kuthumi never reveals others ‘secrets’ but may offer insights into another’s perspectives when the information is likely to contribute to the healing of rifts, awaken empathy, or in some way contribute to the highest good of all concerned. A natural boundary exists that prohibits all ethical ‘readers’ from tapping into information that could potentially be harmful or give one individual inappropriate influence over another.

What Form of Payment Can I Use?

Most of Patrice’s clients prefer the convenience of paying online using PayPal. However, she also accepts personal checks and money orders in advance of the readings. Sessions are scheduled when payment is received.

Recording Sessions

Patrice can record your session at no additional charge and will email the recording to you immediately, if you choose this option. Then you can listen to it on your computer or download it to a CD, flash drive, or other data storage device. This convenience helps you focus on the message without having to take notes and allows you to revisit the insights as often as you like. You may be surprised to find that you hear new information each time you listed to the recording.

Corporate Clients

Patrice often consults on business matters ranging from advice on staffing to developing business strategies. She is adept at predicting compatibility factors and in assessing the probable outcome of specific business decisions. She also provides career advice and guidance for resolving problems and creating greater success at work.

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