Business Professionals


Challenges at work?

Conflicts with a boss, employee, or co-worker?

Need advice on career advancement?

Want insights to help you make the best decision regarding a current situation or upcoming opportunity?

Patrice has helped many business professionals:

  • See past their personal ‘blind spots’
  • Identify hidden impediments and other important factors for resolving challenging situations, and 
  • Make the best match of talent to job opportunities. 
  • In addition, she provides valuable insights for honing in on the actions and attitudes that support optimal results, for better understanding the underlying dynamics in office dramas for greater effectiveness and success, and for discovering your life purpose.

Specific areas in which business professionals have benefited from Patrice’s advice include:

  • Choosing the best hire not only for specific jobs, but also for cultural ‘fit’ 
  • Supporting the redirection of individuals and teams into more productive, collaborative, or customer-focused mindsets 
  • Managing emotionally-charged situations 
  • Anticipating the outcome of proposed employee relations’ decisions 
  • Recommending communication approaches to shape attitudes and enhance leadership effectiveness 
  • Facilitating conflict situations by identifying key needs, fears, and misunderstandings that impede resolution
  • Providing insight into key decisions regarding customers, vendors, employees, products, etc. 
  • Coaching individuals who want to ‘fast-track’ their professional development 
  • Helping individuals during transition times in their careers (promotion, layoff, reorganizations, etc.) by providing deeper insights into life lessons and future opportunities
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