Awakening to the Divine

This is a time of increased energy and impetus for change, for the reclaiming of the soul. Many have lost the connection with soul, that spark of the Creator that is within them that is truly who they are. Too often people identify only with the physical body, when it is the Divine Essence that enlivens the body.

During this time we, your ‘elder brothers,’ are providing increased energy to those on Earth to assist in this awakening to Divine Essence. The veil of illusion is becoming more transparent to increase awareness that everything is Spirit and we are One with God. When we realize this, unconditional love, compassion, and joy will reign – the ‘kingdom of heaven’ shall be on Earth.

This is truly a Dawn Anew, a time when errors of thinking are coming to the Light. It is not that people are getting worse; it is that offenses to other beings are becoming known and denounced as cruelties to Man. The World Teachers have repeated the message to live in true Essence, which requires the personality to release its illusion of sovereignty and to align itself to the will of the Divine. If you would break free from false thoughts of separation, humble your perspectives to embrace the idea of oneness of being – not as a theoretical construct, but the Truth of your lives.

With this new perspective, you may become aware of ways you may have unintentionally harmed others. Then comes the process of forgiveness of self and others through compassion as you step onto the path of unconditional love, recognizing and honoring the spark of Divinity that exists in you and in all other beings.

When we truly realize we are one with each other and one with the Creator, the ‘kingdom of heaven’ shall be on Earth and we will rejoice in the gladness of the Spirit.

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