There is a great shift being born

There is a great shift being born. The energy is moving people out of their comfort zone and we want to provide advice as a safety net, as direction, and as impetus towards personal growth and using the energy that is (and has been) flooding the earth to bring about a whole new level of growth for humanity. People have the opportunity to take what is hidden, work through it, and transform it. This is a time of great karmic healing. You may notice that more and more discoveries of wrongdoing are coming to the surface, that institutions based on greed or deceit are being shaken, and hidden practices are coming to the light. This energy is that of light and truth. How people react to it is up to them: how strong they are and how vested they are in moving forward and not clinging to an old ideology. We want people to not lose hope in times of trouble. We want people to understand this energy and the opportunity that is being presented to mankind. Unfortunately in society, sensationalism is the order of the day and therefore an individual’s wrong choices make the news. That which is aberrant is brought forward in curiosity or in a horrific way that people want to see. It has been so for centuries.

Focusing on the good that is on the earth has its own healing. An example that has been used to bring home this idea of how much good is in the world is to have people become aware of the safety in which they have driven from home to work. They drive very carefully and mindfully without any malice towards others. Their safe journey depends on hundreds of people at the same time. That puts a marker or measure of goodness in the world. It is unfortunately rarely newsworthy to present to people good deeds. Fortunately, our lives are such that goodness is the norm; those behaviors born of fear, pain, or injury are the aberrant – so different that it qualifies as news. This too is a marker for the goodness in the world.

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