Of Service vs. In Service

Welcome. In this brief introduction, I would like to invite you to consider where you are in your life. Are you experiencing the fulfillment that your heart knows is capable to enjoy in one lifetime? This is not something that is only for fairy tales and movies with happy endings. To live joyfully in harmony and experience fulfillment is your right. It is purpose.

Yet to achieve this, you cannot do this alone. You do this with other people. You find joyfulness, you find purpose, and you find fulfillment as you interact with others through love and compassion – of service to each other knowing that you are all of one Creator. Some people have misunderstood the word ‘service’. They believe that to help others and to be of service to those in the world, they must live a life of self-denial. That they must allow themselves to be in service to others and leave nothing for themselves. This is not so.

In order to be of service to someone, you must first know yourself. Know who you are. See yourself as an individual who is important to the world and has the right to be joyful and to experience unconditional love. The best way to do this is to first recognize those attributes within you and cultivate them. As you do this, as you bring unconditional love and joyfulness into your psyche, realizing that you have them within you – that you are these things which is why you have a yearning to experience them – you are then able to create situations in your life in which you do experience them. You have to first believe that you have it within you, that you deserve to experience it, and then you can create those situations in which it can happen.

Fortunately, as you create these experiences, you bring those attributes to the world and then you are of service to the world. So as you cultivate unconditional love and joyfulness toward yourself, you then are able to express it into the world and in this way, be of service and receive those benefits of unconditional love and joyfulness back to you.

Each individual has their own path. Each individual has their own special gifts. Each individual is an integral part of the Creator – none more important than another. As in a fabric, each stitch, each thread is integral to the whole. Together we are one with the Creator and therefore, we share in that same divinity. Think upon what I have said. I hope you take it into your heart and into your being and let it resonate with that which is within you. I bless you. I bid you peace.

[KH at Unicorn Meadow Farms]


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