Many religions speak of Judgment Day: the day when all souls arise and are judged by a supreme being. Know this that in the lives of those who are guided by their ego – their conscious mind – every day is judgment day for them. One is taught from a very young age what is called ‘the difference between right and wrong.’ Of course, guidance in this way is necessary to live a civilized life in society, and yet it must be tempered by compassion, understanding, and most importantly, by a willingness to help those in need in whatever way we are able.

This sense of judgment permeates our being and disconnects us from our source, our true selves, our divine essence. Not only does it separate us from our divine essence, but it separates us from others. We begin to categorize: he is this, he is that; she is good, she is bad; they are a good people, they are a bad people; this is a good country, and that is a bad country. It separates us from others. It takes us away from recognizing that we are all brothers; that we are all of the same Creator and that Creator lives within each of us – within all things.

Therefore, any sense of separation is an illusion; it is a creation of your own mind. Yes, we are individualized beings; yet remember, we are One.  To discover this is the meaning of life. That is why we are here: to be able to interact as an individual and yet recognize that we are all one.

When we say “treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself” or “treat others as you do yourself,” we need to add some qualifications to it. You can quickly surmise that this golden rule does not work when we judge ourselves harshly, when we chastise ourselves, and when we are unforgiving of ourselves. Again, this is a construct of the conscious mind – the ego. There is no supreme being waiting in judgment. You will find when you separate yourself from the shackles of misunderstanding of the ego, that all reflects the Creator’s love.

One cannot unconditionally love and sit in judgment against at the same time. Replacing judgment with understanding and compassion brings new dimension to your lives and unconditional love and joyfulness will resonate through you. I bless you. I bid you peace.

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