A Harried Lifestyle

So many in our society feel as though they do not have time for all of the requirements and demands of their daily life, much less the time to take care of themselves. This is a creation of the ego.

A parent who is working, shuffling the children from one activity to another, cooking, cleaning, taking care of household matters, spending a minimal amount of time with their children may say, “This is not an illusion, this is my reality.” Indeed many of these activities are necessary and yet, there is a quality about them that makes one feel as though he/she is little more than a pinball in a pinball machine bouncing from one activity to another.  Time management has become a watchword in these times. Still people feel overwhelmed by their schedules and demands upon them.

Step back for a moment and objectively look at your activity. What activities are truly necessary? Those that are not truly necessary, ask “What is the value in these activities?” When you recognize the value of those activities, you will begin to appreciate that time more fully. This includes all manner of employment; for you have made the choice to work and to work at that place. Remind yourself why you have chosen this place of employment. Put into prospective where it stands in your life. As you look at your activities, notice also how each makes you feel. Does it seem to bring you life or does it seem to suck the energy out of you? Those activities that bring you life, make efforts to keep them. And for those that are hurried – settle into how they make you feel, the positive reasons you are there, and be present, fully present in the moment. You will find that every moment becomes joyful and brings you energy and calm.

For those activities that seem to drain you, look more closely at those. Can they be changed? Is it only a part of the activity that needs to be changed? Is there a recurring pattern that becomes evident as you look at these activities: a pattern of a life lesson that is trying to break into your consciousness?

Throughout this exercise you will find that you have had the choice in all of the activities in your day. You now have the key to their full enjoyment and the illusion of being harried (that sense of going from one activity to another without fully experiencing any of it) will dissipate.

I bless you. I bid you peace.

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