Maintaining Your Energy

People are aware that they must maintain their health to have abundant energy. This seems a simple and straightforward statement, but how many understand what it entails?

Food: You have heard, “Eat food that is good for you.” What does this mean? The foods that are available in the grocery stores have a lot of controversy around them today. Sometimes one will pick up an item and it claims that it is a ‘healthful food’ and the person will say, “Good. I know this will be a healthy choice.” Just because the advertisement claims that it is a healthful food does not mean that it is good for your body. It may not be as bad as something else and that may be their claim to healthfulness. As the seasons come around to spring and summer, make the most of the bounty of organic fruits and vegetables that are available during this time. Train your body to appreciate these gifts of the Earth. In so doing, you will be better prepared to continue this practice throughout the winter months. For many reasons, which I will not delineate here today, organic foods are the better choice. There have been changes to the food which have not had the well-being of the consumer in mind; these changes had the convenience and efficacy of the corporation in mind. Treats that are so familiar to the summer can be taken sparsely and/or modified so that the ingredients used are more healthful in nature.

Water: Water makes up the better part of the physical vehicle. It is malleable in structure and this is why it has such prominence in the physical vehicle. Bless you food and bless you water before ingesting. Drink plenty of purified water every day. This will help detoxify the system. It will help hydrate the cells. In addition to a multitude of other physical benefits, it helps to create a medium for energy – both physical energy and spiritual energy.

Exercise: Stretching is mandatory for it moves systems within the physical vehicle. It helps each cell maintain its health. Physical exercise beyond stretching and deeper breathing must be tailored to the individual. Exercise is important and its benefits are notable, yet its effects are not as great as a good stretching regimen. A variety of activity (rest and motion) is preferable in one’s day.

Good health also encompasses mental health. Relief from stress, variety in thought, creativity, an attitude of appreciation and joyfulness, a balance between intense focus (as at work) and that of creative reverie. Mental exercise is also important. This is often overlooked, and yet scientists are finding that it plays an important role in the quality of one’s later years.

Lastly, part of good health is spiritual connection. This is usually the last on one’s personal list of healthful activities. Take time every day without fail to make that connection with your divine essence or your sense of the Creator. Though this may seem non-purposed, its effect overshadows all of the other health practices that you can do.

So indeed, we all know that a healthful lifestyle brings us energy. We are often too busy to recognize the opportunities to incorporate these healthful choices in our lives. Start by adding one of two. When you are at the grocery store, be mindful of that which you put in your cart. Think of feeding each cell of your body, not just revitalizing a pleasant memory through your taste buds. Upon waking, do as many animals do – stretch. As you experience the benefits of just these couple changes, you will have more enthusiasm to incorporate more and more of these beneficial practices into your life.

In addition, I wish to explain that this is a time in man’s history when there is increased energy on the Earth. A concentration of spiritual energy that has an effect on the physical bodies: physical, emotional, and mental bodies. As you align your physical vehicles with healthful practices, you will find the increased spiritual energies will bring you greater energy, greater clarity, and awareness. To ignore the needs of the physical vehicle would put an undue stress on it, not only from its physical needs, but to maintain itself within the current of the increased spiritual energy. As one moves through the process of bringing the physical vehicle to health, one will experience varying levels of detox. Toxins disturb the body when they are brought into the vehicle and as they are being released. Your physical practices of healthful eating, drinking plenty of water, exercising, of adopting an attitude of understanding and joyfulness, and of maintaining a simple yet consistent spiritual activity will speed this detoxification process.

You will break through to an experience of living that is vibrant that you may not have experienced since early childhood. I bless you. I bid you peace.


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