Apex of the Human Experience

The Healing Spirit Expo. Enfield, CT

The topic of this afternoon is one of which there are volumes of books written, yet the concept is fairly direct. The title is “The Apex of the Human Experience.” Usually when people speak of the human experience, they think of the form – the form as expressed in the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body (the emotional and mental bodies being of physical form, just of finer material). The expression of the human experience when it focuses on form, speaks to the evolution that our conscious mind is more aware of. Some may experience an awareness of a progression within one lifetime. Others may be aware of previous lifetimes and outside influences which may have affected their experience.

There is also the social path of evolution of form: that which you see in history and the evolution of society and man’s role within that society. Right now, in this time when there is so much energy flooding the earth, you will see a great shift in the social fabric of the human experience. This is because anything that is ‘less than’ in expression or is ‘negative’ is being set upon a background of bright white light – that of grace – and shows up brilliantly. It can no longer be hidden and we are seeing the affects throughout the world. Things that had been hidden or accepted are being questioned.

This is also happening within each individual. People may be aware of more turmoil in their life. This turmoil is a bringing up of those hurts that have been experienced and not healed. They are coming up and people are experiencing what they call turmoil. Yet it is opportunity. It is opportunity for growth, to release those hurts; those misunderstandings that marred your idea of who you truly are.

The evolution of form has been progressing for eons. Your historic record does not show all of the expression of form on earth. As this particular time continues with the increased energies in concert with many who have come to the earth to help with this shift, lifetimes of patterns that have been entrenched can be released now. The evolution of form continues under the guidance of soul/spirit/divine essence. Yet, that individualized spark of the Creator also evolves. It evolves through its ability to guide the form. As it continues to gain more and more cooperation and influence with form, not only does form then evolve, but so does the soul. The soul continues to grow between lifetimes also.

This concept of the soul growing and evolving may seem contradictory to some ideas of thought. The soul is that part of the Divine which expresses through the physical; it is that individuated part of the One that grows in stature until it is reunited in consciousness with the One. (You understand that ‘One’ being the Creator, the one Source, the one Being of which all of us are a part.) The soul works through lifetimes to assist form to become clear of misunderstandings, clear of hurts, and become aware of all things at one time. The soul gains experience and then is allowed to guide other souls.

There are those who have attained such stature. We call them Masters. All are free to choose what they wish to do next once they have achieved that stature. Some go on to other areas, some stay here on earth to help others. I can be here with you and speak to you and be in other places and have my form in the mountains of Tibet/India. This is because I work with the laws of form. I have been known to apparate, which is to bring molecules around my essence to be seen. I have done this on many occasions throughout the centuries.

This is not magic; this is working with the laws of the physical. You will also reach this point. We are here to learn; we are here to understand what form is and how those laws that are over form are mutable by spirit – because it is all energy, it is all one. As the soul gains stature, it expresses through unconditional love, compassion, and joy. I believe many of you feel a connection with another who expresses in this way or you feel has these attributes in their energy field. You need not ‘do’ anything to recognize this energy around them. You recognize it because it is also within you. It is resonating within the same frequency as your Divine essence. As a tuning fork when struck will cause similar tuning forks to vibrate at that same frequency, so too when you are around someone who is clearer and expresses the Divine, you also become aware and your experience of your Divine self becomes more evident.

How many have been in the presence of a holy person and felt that energy, without the person touching them or speaking – by just being in that room? Those that have had this experience know first-hand of what I am speaking – when there is one whose soul has evolved to the point that it can express more clearly through form. How many have heard of holy people who, even on earth today, can feed a multitude with a minimal amount of food in a pot and it seems as if it is bottomless – there is an abundance of food that can feed thousands? Have you heard of this? That is an evolved soul working with the laws of the physical. The laws of the physical are such that energy is mutable; yet the laws that govern the spirit are simple. It is the recognition of the connection with the One. As an individualized spark of the Creator, one has taken on the adventure of expression. Through this adventure of expression, we have chosen to express it in physical form. There are other ‘places’ where there is no form and spirit is evolving; but we have chosen the adventure of expressing through form. As soul expresses and gains its clarity and strength by guiding form, it is able to grow in a way that reflects the Creator. That statement has so much to it.

Take a moment and be comfortable in your seat. Enjoy the stillness that is beyond what your ears might hear and what your eyes may see. That stillness that is as large as all space and that pervades through every molecule of our being. This stillness is not empty. It is full; it is replete with everything in potential. It has what science may term as ‘source energy.’ As the soul grows in its experience with form, it becomes more attuned to this energy – this source energy – and can work with it. This is this source of healing energy. This is the source of manifesting energy. This is the source of creative energy. This is from whence unconditional love is expressed. Take this energy into every cell of your being so that your conscious mind is aware and can access it at any time.

As the conscious mind becomes accustomed to accessing this energy, its awareness of soul and cooperation with soul will grow. It can also be used when we are in turmoil. Turmoil is little more than a lesson, so to speak, that has come to our attention. As we look at turmoil, bless the emotions and set them aside, for they are the messengers. And then, in looking beyond the emotions, you become aware of the essence of the issue. Though it may reflect something of the other person or people or situation, it affects you because there is something within you that has been activated by it. That is what you look at.

You may have a relationship at work or at home that may cause you to be upset. You may say, “If only that person would (then you fill in the blank).” Whether that person would or would not does not change that which is in you that has been activated. It will become activated by someone else at another time; it has merely come to your attention at this time. Embrace this. Allow your mind to search for what this lesson could be. Then put that before this creative energy and be quiet. There may be a new insight that comes to you in this space. It may be an insight of something else that is related; yet it may be the insight of simply releasing. With the energies on the earth today, you do not need to work through every injury that may have happened to you, every tendency toward anger that you may have, you can weave them together in a form and then release them. As you release them, you bring to conscious awareness that Divine energy that is within you to replace that space.

This is not putting frosting over a mud pie. This is releasing from your selves, from your energy field – a conscious releasing. Whatever has caused this [injury], whatever holds this [injury], I release it. I forgive myself and others for this dance that we have played and I release that in knowing and recognition of my Divine self. Then hold that sense of the Divine within until you feel it permeate the injury or the energy space that the hurt held. Does everyone understand this and can follow the process? It can be quite powerful; especially in affirming who you are.

Through this process, you will also find what may be termed ‘gifts.’ I would call them ‘expressions of your Divine self that you have chosen for this lifetime.’ Some may find they can channel healing energy through their hands. As you do that exercise, you will grow in your ability and you will gain an understanding of it beyond the school of learning you have learned it from (i.e. Reiki, astrology, and hypnotherapy). You will learn what is beyond what has been taught. You will learn how to work with that energy and that gift in a way that is an individual expression. In so doing, you will find that you are placed in situations where you are reaching more people, where your voice is stronger. You may choose to publish articles, books, and/or tapes because that expression is becoming stronger and stronger within you and your voice is carrying further. The opportunities come to you. Some of you have experienced in your business that when you gained clarity, all of a sudden you had clients coming to you where they had not been beforehand. This is similar.

Through this expression, the collaboration between the conscious mind and the soul becomes stronger such that the soul evolves faster – for it is not just focused on its individual form, but has now moved out of that circumspect vision and has encompassed many others. It begins to learn how to guide other souls, helping other souls guide their form. It grows in understanding and the expression of unconditional love and compassion. As I said, of this each of you is guaranteed. It is the calling of the soul that draws human activity toward knowing it.

You will find that with this understanding comes additional phenomenon that you learn about from experience. How many have had the experience of knowing when someone was going to call or thinking of someone just when something happened to that person? I think all of you have. What is it that ties you to them? What is it that helped you become aware of them? Think about that energy that is connecting all of us. You may be aware of that person because you are attuned to that energy and you heard them call. As your circle expands and your soul evolves further, that awareness of others grows beyond your circle of family, beyond your circle of friends, beyond your immediate community. As it grows, you become aware of all that is upon the earth. Not in a way that you are overwhelmed from the ‘noise that comes from the other room,’ but in a way that you are participating in the sea of unconditional love.

In the bible, the Master Jesus is quoted as saying (to paraphrase) that if a sparrow were to fall, He knows. Many know and you also will know as you become aware of the energy that connects all. There are many publications out now for people finding their voices. There are many people on the television who have found their voice. Some speak of near death experiences and have a new awareness of that connection of soul and physical body. There are those who have been in a coma and physically felt the energy of those who have come into the room with them. Even if they did not know the person, they physically felt that energy. Not just that they were aware there was someone who came into the room, but they felt the quality of the energy that person was expressing at that time. As I said to a group recently, never underestimate a person’s ability to read your aura. It is an energy that has a tangible effect on another person’s energy field. With the energies being showered upon the earth, this awareness is being more and more refined.

As we progress through this evolutionary period, what then happens as we reach mastery? As I said, some choose to create a physical vehicle that can withstand the pressures of time and come back to earth to help until every soul who has chosen this adventure moves on. Others choose different levels of growth of expression in other areas. Eventually, when perfection is realized, when each spark of the Creator can express the Creator in its perfection, then form is once again reunited with spirit and the individual sparks of the Creator are reunited with the Creator as one. This does not portend annihilation; it is a reunion and awareness. Do you have questions?

[attendees Q&A]

Once again, become comfortable in your seats. As you access that awareness of energy within you, raise its vibration to become aware of the blessings of those who are working with man at this time. Know that each of you is well loved beyond that which your physical mind, your conscious mind can be aware. It is all pervasive, it is unconditional, and it is unwavering. We bless you. We bid you God speed.

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